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Join Us

In celebrating our love

Our story started back in 2013, at the University of Miami. Throughout our relationship, we did three years of long-distance across different cities. During our seven years together, we learned that there is no ocean big enough & no time difference tough enough to separate two hearts that really care. We didn't end up together by destiny or luck. We fought and chose each other every single day, a choice we now made for the rest of our lives. It might have not always been easy.. but no doubt it was always worth it. 

All of you, friends and family, were crucial to making our relationship move forward. Helping us cope with the distance, sharing wise advice, and always supporting us. We will always be thankful!

We are beyond words happy, to invite you to celebrate with us the moment that we dreamed of together: our wedding day.




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Join us at Lisbon, a vibrant, charming, laidback city that we selected to be the setting of our wedding day. With events in Comporta, Caparica and Cascais, our focus will be mostly on the beach regions that surround the beautiful city - but definitely make time to explore the surroundings! 

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